Privacy Policy

1) Hykeham Lions Club (charitable trust number 1057064) is a not-for-profit service organisation that operates in North Hykeham and nearby areas. We organise local fundraising and community service events and provide hands-on financial and welfare support to those in need in our area.

2) Hykeham Lions Club is the data controller of any personal information you provide to us. We can be contacted via our website (

Inquiries About Our Events or Activities:

3) If you contact us with a general inquiry or for information about an event or activity we will record any personal information (such as your name, telephone numbers, email address and postal address) that you give to us.

4) We will keep the information and use it exclusively for the purposes of communicating with you about your general inquiry. Where you have asked about an event, we will reply to you with the requested details and will also keep you informed about relevant future Lions events.

5) We will keep the information until your general inquiry is resolved or until you ask us to stop notifying you of future events (see ‘Your Rights’ below).

Requests for Funding or Assistance:

6) If you contact us with a request for funding or welfare support we will record the information you provide and will use it exclusively for the purposes of responding to your inquiry or request.

7) We will keep the above information until the inquiry is resolved or the request has been dealt with, and will retain only as much of the information as is necessary for our records.

8) If your social worker or other care agency submits a funding or welfare request on your behalf and provides your personal details, we will confirm with them that they have your consent to pass your information to us and for us to contact you to progress the request.

9) Where sensitive personal information (for example concerning your health) is included in your application or in an application made on your behalf, we will also have to ask for your specific consent to use that information to progress the request. We will encode the information to prevent identification and it will be removed as soon as possible.

Further Details of How We Handle Your Data:

10) Where we need to keep your personal details, we will delete all emails and paperwork containing them as soon as the information has been transferred to our electronic records.

11) We keep all information securely and will never pass it to any third party without your further consent. It may be necessary to share your request with our Club members in order to obtain their agreement, and in that case your details will be made anonymous to prevent identification.

12) We do not keep any information longer than is necessary.

Your Rights:

13) You may ask us to provide you with details of the information we have about you.

14) You may ask us to update any of the information we have about you or to remove all of it completely from our records.

15) You may ask us to limit the use of any of the information we have about you or completely withdraw consent for us to use it at all.

16) Any requests under points 13 – 15 can be made via our web site.

17) You can register a complaint about any improper use you believe we have made of the information we have about you by contacting the Information Commissioner’s Office on 0303 123 1113 or visiting their website for advice.

Legal Basis for Processing Your Data:

18) If you contact us to purchase tickets for an event, we will process your information on the basis of an intention to create a contract between us.

19) If you contact us with any other inquiry about our activities, or with a request for assistance with funding or for welfare assistance, we will process your information on the basis of the legitimate interests of Hykeham Lions Club to deal with your request or inquiry and, where appropriate, to provide details of our future fundraising events.

20) In all other cases, we will process your information on the basis of the specific consent you give, or will be asked to give, when you contact us.

21) In the circumstances described in points 18 and 19 we do not need your specific consent, however we may contact you to ask for such consent if we consider it needed as an additional protective measure.